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25 Ways Get 10 Mins Of Fitness Exercise

10 Mins Of Fitness ExerciseThrowing in Little Exercises in your Daily Routine adds up – 25 Ways Get 10 Mins Of Fitness Exercise


10 Mins Of Fitness Exercise: According to health and fitness experts, it is ideal to work out for about 45 minutes to an hour every day to lose weight and get fit (beginners can stick to 30 minutes).

The modern woman does not have that much time every day to specifically dedicate to workouts.

However, being busy should not be an obstacle, you can always exercise, by including an equivalent amount of effort.

The point is to “keep moving,” as said by Ryan George, a fitness expert, and personal trainer. You can decide to get a cordless phone and take a walk while you talk.

Alternatively, you can do something that works for you. Park a few miles away from the shops and walk there, or avoid the elevators and to the stairs. Those little things really add up to your fitness. Including moving the legs, pressers, stretching, breathing in and out, yoga, standing on one leg etc.

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Every Stolen Minutes are Important


The little activities you do by stealing a few minutes out of your schedule really adds up. Some recent credible study showed that women who took 10-minute increment exercises in between their routine are more likely to maintain regular exercises are more likely to lose more weight as compared to women who took longer 30-minute exercises for 5 months.

Some landmark research by the University of Michigan carried out by Glenn Gaesser, an exercise physiologist, and PhD, both women a and men underwent a 10-15 minute exercise routines for seven days.

21 days down the line, the results showed that the volunteers’ aerobic fitness matched those of 10 to 15 years younger people.

Another research by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore discovered that the short burst activity in adults were as effective as the structured, longer workouts.

Gaesser, therefore, explains that it is important that people clear their mind about the rumor that taking exercises in under 30 minutes is not helpful.

10 minutes five times a day is just as good as 50 long hours doing it continuously. Harold Taylor, the owner of the Harold Time Consultant in Toronto, also explains that breaking exercises into smaller bits on the daily schedule helps in boosting confidence. emphasizes that doing little bits motivates you, it’s better than missing it all together.

It is important to note that the short burst exercises are for the purpose of supplementing and not replacing the daily usual exercise routine. Just figure out what really works out for you, do it for a few minutes, say 10, go back to your work (or work with your home trainer). When you find another 10 minutes, do it again.

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