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The Butt Bible Review

Butt BibleWhy is the Butt Bible the best training program to shape up your glutes?

The Butt Bible is a 6-week intense training program aimed to shed fat and tone your buttocks.

Butts is one of the most difficult body parts to exercise. This makes it difficult to shed excess fat and tone that area.

Fitness expert Pauline Nordine, becomes your video mentor for the 6 weeks of extensive exercise aimed to give you the best booty in town.

There are three different levels of intensity, each with its own set of upper and lower body workouts. The workout duration and the intensity also increase with the increasing levels.

Level One consists of a couple of twenty-minute workouts while Level Two steps it up with 30-minute workouts. When you are conditioned enough to take on Level Three, you have to endure a couple of 40-minute workouts.

The workouts are typically intense and have little or no breaks. However, Pauline keeps on motivating and guiding you throughout every workout which makes it slightly easier to push past the pain and fatigue.

The Butt Bible is designed to be done at home. All you need is a functioning DVD player, television set, and a few basic types of equipment like chairs and dumbbells.


The Butt Bible (3 Disc Set)


Generates Results: If you want a firm and toned butt, this training program is surely your best bet. According to several customer reviews, the butt bible does exactly what it claims.

The intensity of the workout might be difficult at first, but if you hang in there you will end up with a great looking behind.

Great Cardio Workout: The Butt Bible workouts are also a great way of getting your daily dose of cardio. Therefore, if you’re bored with your daily cardio routine you can simply choose one of many different workouts and sweat it out indoors.

No Need To Go Out: There are some days you simply don’t feel like going out or you are stuck inside due to bad weather. For all those times a good DVD workout trainer always comes in handy. The Butt Bible guarantees that you never miss a workout due to bad weather.


Requires Time And Dedication: Butt Bible is not for people looking for quick fixes, who expect to spend a few minutes every day will give them great results. Butt Bible is for people who are motivated and are willing to sweat it out to achieve a great body. The training program does not rely on shortcuts as the workouts become harder and more time to consume with increasing level.


Butts are a problem area for many individuals. There are many people who easily shed their body fat but fail to tone their buttocks. This training program focuses on this problem area and makes it your strong asset. However, be warned this workout doesn’t take any shortcuts, its success is completely dependent on the hard work you put in.


At the end of the day Butt Bible is a great workout program for the buttocks. It’s tough, progressive, and intense but most importantly it works. Therefore, if you are motivated enough the Butt Bible can get you butts like Pauline Nordine herself.

The Butt Bible (3 Disc Set


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