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Interval Running Program

Insight into Interval Running

This is a combination of short periods of extreme running together with rest. This rest does not necessarily mean doing zero exercise but it refers to less extreme work out too. This recovery time could take longer than the workout a time or it could take a similar period of time. The importance of this recuperation is to enable the body to become accustomed to the workout. It is in addition at this time that strength is regenerated.

How to get the best from an interval running program

Interval training is designed to establish equilibrium between the intense regime and the long and slow distance workout. How fast one runs is not as important as taking the time to let the body rejuvenate. One should, therefore, jog or walk for a few hundred meters after intense running to allow their blood circulation and rate of breathing to regulate.

By the time you are going for the other running interval, you have the energy to do so better. This means having the ability to run with much more speed without having to put a lot of strength into it. When your body gets used to this, one can even upgrade to a faster speed after recovery as well as take less time to have the body re-energize.

Advantages of interval running

Taking time out is in addition necessary to encourage one to keep working out and with increased tolerance. This means that the body is better able to handle the increase of lactic acid. The synchronization between the body and the brain is enhanced too. This technique is also ideal for those who intend to lose weight as it assists in the burning up of fats.

It allows for better circulation which means that the muscles responsible for the training are adequately nourished with oxygen. This is a boost to body functioning and running speed. There are also lesser chances of injury.


Despite the pros of an interval running program some regard it as being too complex. Some of the runners also believe some programs to be too tedious while some make them feel discomfort. Because of the extreme running out before the rest, one may experience soreness or unbearable pain.

It may also cause the inability to perform as good because one feels they have no energy left. Cramps have in addition been experienced by some when trying to increase their pace during the interval program.

Analysis and conclusion

To determine your progress, keep a record of the time you use to recover and how your body is adapting. Some will also have their heart rate monitored which is advisable too.

While doing interval running, one needs to have targets for the pace you want to achieve and be disciplined to follow them through. These paces should be steady but demanding. Do not make any extreme changes. If you want to upgrade do so slowly and ensure to run on an even platform.

This is a program that is recommended by a lot of specialists as well as running professionals. Interval running is, therefore, a great choice as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the discomforts such as cramps can be remedied through techniques such as improved breathing strategies. It is also a solution to getting bored while preparing for a race.

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