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Brazil Butt Lift Workout 

Introduction – Brazil Butt Lift Workout 

Brazilian women are known for their beautiful curves. However, you don’t have to be a Brazilian to have the Brazilian butt. There are a number of exercises devoted to achieving sculpted rear ends. Brazil butt lift workout is a good example of such exercises. The exercise employs a triangle training method which targets the three muscles in the glutes. For more information about this type of exercise, read on.

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Programs

Leandro Carvalho, the creator of the Brazilian Butt fitness videos, has come up with a 6-step workout routine that includes:

– Squat arabesques: This is a traditional squat which involves lowering into a squat and coming back up on a single leg while the other is lifted behind you.

– Capoeira squats: This involves lowering into a squat, changing into a lunge position and returning to a standing position.

– Scissor jumps: This involves doing a forward lunge and jumping to change feet.

– Side squats: This involves doing a side lunge and coming back up to balance on a single foot.

– Leg lifts: Leg lift exercises involve lying on a bench while facing down. Now lift both legs as high as possible. Start with bent knees for the diamond leg lift and then end with straight legs for the final leg lifts.

– Power moves: These exercises incorporate martial arts-style moves, such as spins, flares and windmills. They will tone the gluteus muscles in the butt and other body muscles.

– Freestyle Brazilian dance: This dance is performed at the end of the aforementioned exercises to help release the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles and loosen stiff joints and muscles.


If you want that sky-high behind, then you should consider exploring the real benefits of Brazil Butt lift exercises. In addition to the butt, these workouts will also target the inner and outer thighs, lower back, oblique, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and abdominals. Moreover, these exercises can burn an incredible amount of calories in the body. Most people who have already tried this kind of exercises are satisfied with the positive results which can be obtained after only two weeks. The exercises are quite simple and easy to do.


Just like most exercises, Brazil butt lift workout should only be done if you’re physically fit and would not suffer any negative consequences from performing them. So if you are suffering any ill health, consult with your doctor before starting the exercise program.


Remember that the key to getting the most out of these exercises is performing them regularly. Apart from following a regular exercise regimen, you also need to maintain good eating habits and have enough rest. Brazil Butt lift exercises can burn up to 280-380 calories


Anyone interested in getting that perfect butt should consider the Brazil butt lift workout which has been certified by all the reputable fitness training centers and certifying bodies. These exercises are one of the secrets used by many hottest bikini supermodels you often see around to keep their butt in good shape.

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