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Brazil Butt Lift Leandro’s Secret Weapon

Brazil Butt Lift Leandro’s Secret Weapon: 20 Minute Precision Toning DVD Workout 

Brazil Butt Lift Leandro’s Secret Weapon is a 20-minute DVD workout series aimed at helping you get more toned hips, butt, and thighs. The DVS contains a series of workouts to perform to shape the butt. Leandro Carvhalho the creator of the DVD series and a celebrity trainer uses a technique called Triangle training that targets the three chief muscles of the butt from different angles to trim down the hips, thighs, saddlebag area while lifting the butt.

Product details

Leandro’s Secret Weapon delivers results after 20 minutes of a rigorous workout routine. The DVD series contains 5 butt blasting routines to help shape your butt. The workouts are as described below

  1. Bum bum- The Bum bum routine consists of fat burning cardio exercises with great lower torso shaping moves. The routine lasts 35 minutes
  2. High and Tight- This workout will how to work out the trouble areas such as the thigh, saddlebags, and glutes
  3. Sculpt- The routine will take you through sexy body twists to shape your whole body. The routine can help you achieve the body of your dreams
  4. Cardio Axe- Cardio Axe contains several fun dance moves to perform to burn Fat for a slimmer you
  5. Tummy Tuck- See how you can get sexy abs in a matter of 15 minutes

Features/ what you will get

  • Six amazing workouts on 3 different DVDs
  • Booty makeover guide- A blueprint that will help you find out your body shape
  • Booty makeover calendar- A calendar to help you customize the workouts to your specific body shape for best results. The calendar will help you identify the routines to follow to achieve your goals
  • Fat burning food guide- Know the foods and recipes to make to slim down
  • Booty basics- An introductory clip help you make the most of the DVD series
  • Triangle Training workout cards- Comprehensive step-by-step guide on Leandro’s routines to help you create your customized routine on the move
  • Tape measure and measurement tracker card- Measure your progress and watch the fat melt away
  • Great bonuses including strength band, 6- day model slim down plan, free support online and Bum bum rapido 10 minutes workout.


  1. Positive user reviews showcasing their before and after pictures confirm that the program works as promised.
  2. Fun routine- Unlike other programs that requires one to avoid particular foods or take pills, Brazilian Butt Lift is enjoyable and safe all the way
  3. Fast result- Takes around 60 days to show amazing results
  4. Works out the entire body to help you burn fat and get a more toned body
  5. You only need a mat, ankle weights, and a towel
  6. Contains a list of foods and recipes to help you slim down


  1. Results do not happen overnight, you have to work hard to see results
  2. Rather intense for starters


Brazil Butt Lift Leandro’s Secret Weapon has positive user reviews confirming that it works as promised..By working out your butt’s major muscles, you can be sure to get a sexy bum in a matter of months


Leandro’s Secret Weapon is a sure-fire routine that can help you get your ideal butt and body shape. You can purchase the program from the official website. Get your copy today and see the amazing results.

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